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Declarations and commitments
vLaunch of the international network of think tanks of the SSE
Mr. Claude Alphandéry, President, Le Labo de l’ESS (France)
vInternational network FemmESS
Mrs. Chandra Srinivasan,All India Mahila Front Janata Dal (India)
Mrs. Cécile de Calan, Founder, Transfairh (France)
vInternational Month of the SSE
Mr. Abdeljalil Cherkaoui, President, African Network of the SSE (Morocco)
Mr. Jean-Louis Cabrespines, President, National Council of the Regional Chambers of the Social Economy CNCRES (France)
vCommons/ESS: Common International Agenda
Mr. Michel Bauwens, Founder, Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives (Belgium)
vCentral America and Caribbean’s commitments for the MDGs
Mrs. Yasy Morales, Professor of sociology, University of Costa Rica, Treasurer, Aq'ab'al (Costa Rica)
Session chaired by Mr. Gérald Larose, President, Caisse d’Économie Solidaire Desjardins, Administrator, MBM (Quebec)

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