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Global Social Economy Forum - GSEF 2016 - Plenary 3
How do we follow up on GSEF 2016?
Moderated by Laurence Kwark, GSEF Secretary General, and
Nancy Neamtan, Strategic Advisor, Chantier de l’économie sociale.The Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) is an international association that brings together local governments and civil society stakeholders committed to supporting the development of the social and solidarity economy (SSE). Its mission: to promote cooperation among social and solidarity economy organizations and local governments to stimulate the creation of quality jobs, equitable growth, and the advancement of participatory democracy and sustainable development. During the Association’s first meeting in 2013, its members issued a declaration laying out their intentions and objectives. In 2014, during a second forum, the Association was officially created and members adopted a charter establishing its principles and operations, including the holding of a forum every two years.

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