Groupes Centre d'écologie urbaine de Montréal Elements of car-free architecture

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Excerpt from the Conference| Changing Conduct: European Ideas for Car-Free Neighbourhoods Wednesday, September 22, 2010. McGill University, Montreal. Organized by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre [] In this excerpt Markus Heller shares a few elements of car-free architecture and put the emphasis on clear and simple principles such as "slow speed makes things visible"... He discusses on how to change the paradigm and have a special care for cyclists and pedestrians. Description Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Reutter and Markus Heller are experts from Germany that were invited by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre and the Goethe-Institut Montréal to take part in the Car-free Neighbourhoods Week (September 20-26, 2010) and present the most advanced experiences of residential car-free neighbourhoods in Germany, birthplace of "car-free living". Ing-Cristine Ericson, from Norway, shared the characteristics of the cycling infrastructure of Oslo, a secure and efficient system that contributes to making cycling a popular means of transport for daily commute. Part of this conference video series: Pre-conditions for choosing car-free living Concepts of car-free living Car-free neighbourhoods: the Münster example Car-free neighbourhoods: the Stellwerk 60 example in Cologne Bike for commuting in Oslo: a question of planning La vision de Quartiers verts de la Ville de Montréal Conference speakers Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Reutter:Director, Mobility Department of ILS (Institut of research for urban and regional development) Dortmund, Germany Markus Heller : Architect and president de Autofrei wohnen (Living without cars), Berlin, Germany Ing-Cristine Ericson : Engineer, Director of City planning and Development Department, Agency for Road and Transport, Oslo, Norway Claude Carette: Interim Director of the Transportation Department of the City of Montreal

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