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Car-Free Neighbourhoods: the Münster example. Excerpt from the Conference| Changing Conduct: European Ideas for Car-Free Neighbourhoods Wednesday, September 22, 2010. McGill University, Montreal. Organized by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre [] In this excerpt Here is the complete description of the car-free residential settlement project: “Garden City Weißenburg” in the inner city of Münster, the bicycle capital of Germany. The settlement comprises 200 residential units, is located 2.5 km south of the city centre and is connected to it by a net of cycle paths. There is also many bus options to get to the city centre and a car-sharing station is located right outside of the perimeter of the settlement. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Reutter also describes the regulatory framework (such as a tenancy contract) that ensures the long-term vision behind this car-free settlement and the factors of success. Description Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Reutter and Markus Heller are experts from Germany that were invited by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre and the Goethe-Institut Montréal to take part in the Car-free Neighbourhoods Week (September 20-26, 2010) and present the most advanced experiences of residential car-free neighbourhoods in Germany, birthplace of "car-free living". Ing-Cristine Ericson, from Norway, shared the characteristics of the cycling infrastructure of Oslo, a secure and efficient system that contributes to making cycling a popular means of transport for daily commute. Part of this conference video series: Pre-conditions for choosing car-free living Concepts of car-free living Elements of car-free architecture Car-free neighbourhoods: the Stellwerk 60 example in Cologne Bike for commuting in Oslo: a question of planning La vision de Quartiers verts de la Ville de Montréal Conference speakers Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Reutter :Director, Mobility Department of ILS (Institut of research for urban and regional development) Dortmund, Germany Markus Heller : Architect and president de Autofrei wohnen (Living without cars), Berlin, Germany Ing-Cristine Ericson : Engineer, Director of City planning and Development Department, Agency for Road and Transport, Oslo, Norway Claude Carette: Interim Director of the Transportation Department of the City of Montreal

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