Média Plenary session: synthesis

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Plenary session: synthesisM. Cliff Southcombe, Founder, General Director, Social Enterprise Europe, Director, Euclid Network (United Kingdom)Mrs. Désirée Degiovanni*, Commission of cooperative women leaders, Confcooperative (Italy)Pr. Abdou Salam Fall, Sociologist, Director, Research Laboratory on Economic and Social Transformations  of the Fundamental Institute of Black Africa, University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, President of the Scientific Committee, Administrator, MBM (Senegal)  Mrs. Anne-Marie Wioland-Sahabana, Executive Manager, MBM (France)Session chaired by Mr. Léopold Beaulieu, President, Fondaction, CIRIEC International,MBM Administrator (Quebec)

Catégories: Économie sociale
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