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What political vision for the community and the social net?

In anticipation of the next provincial election, Réseau québécois de l'action communautaire autonome (RQ-ACA) is organizing a public debate on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at the Café-Bar at the Monument-National, with the representatives of the Quebec Liberal Party ( PLQ), Quebec Solidaire (QS), Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) and Parti Québécois (PQ).
The four representatives will deliver their visions and political commitments on three main themes including citizen participation, public services and social programs and finally autonomous community action. The debate will be moderated by researcher and activist Emilie Nicolas and punctuated by several speeches and performances including Melissa Mollen Dupuis, Innu activist and artist, Marilou Craft, author and playwright and Fred Dubé, comedian.
We will take advantage of this event to unveil the next Commit Your ACA actions, a mobilization initiated by the RQ-ACA with several other organizations in 2016, claiming better support from community organizations, public services and social programs. The unveiling will take place from 18:30 in the presence of thirty known personalities and committed to justice and the social net.
These artists, researchers, journalists and activists will be present at this event to support our demands and encourage political actors to re-engage themselves in favor of our social safety net.

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